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July 22, 2007


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My Name Is IRL

Excellent work as usual, although I don't think IHJ would actually eat your dog. If I may paraphrase: there is no theory of evolution - just a list of animals the IHJ let's live.

Seriously though, the ironic thing is I didn't hear a single "holding station" comment from Marty. Either he has officially retired it or was terrified to overuse it every other lap.

BTW - my beverage of choice was Maxwell House. I think next year I may just guzzle some E100.


Don't forget LOCK STEP. Wouldn't recommend guzzling the E100. Actually had a guy who sipped some E100 at one of the ethanol plants in Iowa. His blood alcohol went from 0 to about .4 in a minute. Woke up during the ambulance ride to the hospital. You'd think Red Bull would do awesome sales at these types of races.


Dog! Great recap! Did you notice that Arute's lecture on lapped cars was started by cars passing Scott Sharp and the booth guys wondering if Sharp took IHJ to heart? That totally pi$$ed me off because Sharp was racing for position!!


Why would sipping a small amoutn of ethanol make your BAC go from 0 to .4 in about a minute and land you in an ambulance? Everclear is 190 proof (or 95% ethanol), and doing a shot or six of that isn't going to do anything of the sort.

It was certainly a lot more than a sip if that's what happened, and while drinking that large of a quantity, you'd certainly know what the outcome would be if you'd ever drank liquor before.

If that was a joke, sorry, I didn't get it. love the blog.

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