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August 21, 2007


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My Name Is IRL

Did she actually say " programmer at Initech"? I think I have a new hero.


Yep. 100% Leilani. I also nearly wept. My Name is IRL and I will take one Münter shirt each, please.


Great job pressdoog. I don't konw how to get an umlaut from the keyboard. Perhaps a job at Initech would help. Maybe we could just call you pressdag. You know, like the pikeys would.

Great job Leilani. Best of luck this year and next. Gotta love the Schmidt. Great guy, great team, great driver. Hope to see her in the Indy 500 in 2008.


PD, to properly pronounce the umlauted o, form your lips like you are going to say a long o, then instead make the vowel sound from the word earl. I kid you not.


Oh man, this may well be the best interview ever. PLEASE integrate an umlaut into your name, dude. That would be huge. Leilani kicks ass.


Just seeing the attention DP gets, if I'm selling something, I'm gonna sponsor a car for LM. She looks good, she's funny--if she can drive, she's a gold mine...

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