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August 30, 2007


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Substitute Khachaturian's "Sabre Dance" for "Circus Music", and I think you've got this one positively nailed shut. Well done!


6. Ensure all racing vehicles have 2 wheels.


"So much so that the Fun Haters at Champ Car went to a standing start, which greatly reduces the chance for craziness on a start."

Pressdog, from what I saw at Road America, all a standing start does is move the carnage from turn 1 to further down the track.


Well done pressdog. God, how I long for the superspeedways and 500 mile races. Pocono is long forgotten, California bit the dust and now we lose Michigan. Since Indy is the cornerstone of Indy Cars, we get one chance to see Indy Cars do what they were designed to do. I think the IRL would be wise to promote the Triple Crown, which would require the above mentioned race courses or perhaps a couple of the big tracks down south. Pay a million bucks for winning the Triple Crown. That would give us the race at Indy, the race for the championship and the race for the Triple Crown. I know, it's only a dream. But dreaming is about all one can do during these freaking ass boring road courses. Leave Belle Ilse and such for go karts and put the big boys and girls on the big tracks. Thank God for Chicagoland.


Good job, pressdog.

It's articles like this that keep me coming back. ;)

Mark in Bowmanville

Maybe if one paid attention to the fact that NASCAR puts on better races on the road courses, than they do the ovals, you might learn something. Like take off the freaking wings so guys can get close to each other going into and out of corners?

Road racing is a lot more than what was stated here, with guys gaining or losing time and it effecting when you bring guys in. Maybe the odd pass for the lead, which would happen more often, if again, the governing bodies of open wheel, CCWS and IRL took the damned wings off the cars or reduced their effect.

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