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October 05, 2007


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And in other news . . .

Officials for the Center for Disease control are warning residents of the Southestern US about an outbreak of "NASCAR Chill". The disease is caused by the transfer of foreign bodies from outside the United States into the host racing series. These foreign bodies multiply rapidly and force out healthier, longer established domestic bodies. The symptoms of "NASCAR Chill" are declining television ratings, empty grandstand seats at racetracks, confusion over driver origins and pronouncing driver names, accompanied by a general lack of interest in following stock car racing after years of fanaticism. Xenophobia and nostalgia for the "Good Old Days" of stock car racing are common symptoms, as are the constant posting of angry screeds on NASCAR related websites and chat rooms.

"NASCAR Chill" is not to be confused with "Yellow Fever", an outbreak of which occurred in NASCAR earlier this year. That disease, in which the host series sees non-existent pieces of rubbish on track surfaces (often called "Phantom Debris"), forcing them to reflexively wave a yellow flag, was cured by close monitoring by the media and medical professionals.


One of the big consolations in this is seeing the N-word fans having to deal with an influx of "furiners." Ha. And when these non-Americans start winning? That's entertainment:


I remember when King George decided to make an All-American sport with engines, race cars, and drivers from the US of A. Ten years later and the "furiners" have won again. I don't care who they are or where they come from, if they can build the fastest cars and cross the finish line first, they deserve the glory.

BTW, pressdog, I noticed that the n-word actully popped up on the comment above. I checked on my Mac as well, thinking this might be a PC kinda thing. Sure enough, it has infected my Apple too. If there is an n-word filter out there that we can download and install, please advise. Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

Allan Brewer

I've sworn off the N-word since I was (mistakenly) confused for a R-word

Now I just sit here in the I-place wondering how it all F-word-ing went W-word

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