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October 18, 2007


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WOW, A web attribute for me! Maybe what I told Jeff at My Name Is was wrong. I could so TOTALLY get into this blogging thing!

Thanks 'dog. Kudos to turning it into another great post.

P.S. If I am now a correspondent, can get me airline tickets and credentials for the Surfer's Paradise and Mexico races? (Comcast pulled ESPN Classic off our cable package too.) Unlike Robin Miller and Gordon Kirby I promise to write glowing reviews of the races and of Champ Car management until AFTER the season is over. Then the gloves will come off and the snark will rise to levels unknown. And BTW, who do I send my expense receipts to for reimbursement?


Unfortunately, we're under a severely limited budget at Although, I may start a "correspondent seat buying" program in the future.


Will $73.55 and a "Buy one, get one free" coupon for Arby's secure a spot? That's all I have on me right now.


Hell mmack, that's probably enough to get Paul Tracy's ride.



With the Canadian Loonie eclipsing the US Dollar, that shoots my investment down to $71.60 as of today. So if I want Paul Tracy's ride I'd better find some Tim Horton's "Buy a Dozen, Get a Dozen" donut coupons and a case of Moosehead to cinch the deal.



In a cash saving move for, if you have ESPN2, you can view the tape-delay of the Surfer's Race @ 5:00 PM Central on Sunday, 10/21/2007. Therefore I will NOT need a travel voucher to Australia, nor press credentials (I hear I COULD have gotten Robin Miller's hard card PERSONALLY from Gerry Forsythe, if I could find him at the track) for the weekend.


Pressdog, this is another gem. ;)

Even though I am a Champ Car fan, you can't deny the musical chairs aspect is sad.

You put a smile on my face!

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