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October 23, 2007


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I ruined Champ Car's chances to go 0.0 for 2 on the Nielsen ratings. I watched the last 20 minutes of the Surfer's Paradise race rerun on ESPN2 Sunday night.

I believe that bumped the ratings for the rebroadcast to .00000000000001. My only excuse was that The Weather Channel was rerunning "When Weather Attacks".


The Champ Car race was televised? Wow, I have to dig deeper into the TV listings.


I am having such strong IRL withdrawl, I thought about watching the chump cars, did not actually do it. Maybe if I watched with one eye, no glasses and squint I can trick myself that it is an IRL race. What can I do?

(Freaking funny website)


I taped the Champ Car race and watched the first 20-ish laps so far. Dozed off a couple of times. Seriously. I'll try hard to get through it soon. Not sure what the point is at this point, but it's a pride thing with me now.


*it's a pride thing with me now.*

I was there once too. Just walk into the light...


pressdog, you are too funny. thanks for the laugh today. i needed it. :)


"I taped the Champ Car race and watched the first 20-ish laps so far. Dozed off a couple of times."

Pressdog, were you "enhancing your race viewing" with a few too many Foster's "Oil Cans", perhaps?


BTW Pressdog, it's not like getting a recap out today is a pressing priority, what with TWO WEEKS until the next race at Mexico City on November 11th (Shown live on Lifetime or the Oxygen Channel, I believe).

P.S. Everyone else: Don't slip up and tell Pressdog how the race ends.

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