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October 18, 2007


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Well, RuSport leaving is really not all that stunning of an announcement. I think RuSport's fate was sealed when CDW announced they were pulling out a few weeks ago.

I think it's a miracle they even survived as a one-car team this year. The way things were headed for Champ Car early on, it was doubtful they would even show up at all. And Wilson was actually a title-contender for a good part of the season, so they can go out with their head held high.

Rick Benjamin and JON BEEKHUIS talked about RuSport's demise during the Surfer's Race.
They speculated the Wilson will eventually replace Bourdais at Newman-Haas-Lanigan.

I am lucky enough to get ESPN Classic, so I saw the race live.

One thing Champ Car HAS to fix is the TV deal. This bouncing from network to network each season is pathetic!

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