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October 16, 2007


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I stopped by CCF and I must say it's nice to see "The Crappies" still display all the calm, level headed rationality of a burlap sack full of rabid wildcats. Combine that with their die hard stubbornness to face reality and accept the truth and it can make for entertaining reading. (I loved the part in the linked thread that conjured up Audi bringing their diesel technology to Champ Car!) It's especially fun when they close ranks and turn their guns on each other and "Count" people off the board before they're banned.

Just remember Pressdog that CCF can be summed up in three letters: F.T.G.

Funny thing is, the Three Amigos are doing more to sink Champ Car than the IRL and they own the series. Oh, I forgot, the N-word and F-word racing series are trying to sink Champ Car since CC is such a threat. And obviously F.T.G. has turned the entire Ethanol Industry against Champ Car.

Man, this Kool-Aid sure is tasty.


I've got to agree with mmack on this one. Man that board is so worth a visit every now and again...just to see how unhinged people can get. I loved the burgeoning pro-Methanol (it's made from biomass!) movement they seemed to be hatching.


Peeps. Very jocular. Thanks for the comments. I take no joy in the train wreckage of Champ Car. I enjoy their races. But, I also agree with mmack -- this train wreck is of CC's own making. They'd be well served to move their focus from FTG to the leadership of the series.


Don't lie Pressdog! You are a running dog lackey shill for the IRL:

"He comes from the Robin Miller School of Journalism. Never quote sources and goes for the shock factor. In the end they have no following. Journalists report reality while spinners just go round and round and round."

Check here to see that satire is wasted on some people.

(Personally, I'd be upset if someone compared me to Robin Miller.)


LOL. Running dog lackey, sure, but shill, no. You'd be amazed at what people think is real on the Web. Hence I'm forced to put the little "this is humor" disclaimers on stuff. Sad, really. Robin doesn't have to do that with his stuff ...


"You'd be amazed at what people think is real on the Web"

Does that mean you're really not a dog that follows auto racing and can type? Man, that bursts THAT bubble! :^)

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