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October 16, 2007


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So 'Dog, just to bring you up to date:

Oriol Servia, who lost his ride at Forsythe to David Martinez because the Mexico race "needed" Mexican drivers (or Forsythe needed $$$$$$$$$), now has a ride at PKV because "Sister" Tristian Go-mindy "had an unresolved business situation that will prevent him from competing this weekend in Australia" (direct quote from PKV’s general manager Mark Johnson). Of course, Go-mindy "is continuing to try and resolve the situation [no $$$$$$] and we have high hopes that he will return to the team for the Mexico City race". If that happens Oriol is on the outside looking in again.

Additionaly, Nelson "Lord of the Ladies" Phillipe, last year's Surfer's Paradise winner who hasn't started a race all year will defend his win for driving Conquest. Phillipe was tabbed to replace Jan Heylen who "had to be dropped due to sponsorship reasons despite posting a runner-up finish in his final start, at Assen in Holland." Jan replaced Matt Halliday, who probably ran out of $$$$$.

Let me know if you need a PowerPoint that diagrams all of this out. Personally I think driver stability is overrated. Change is good, is it not?

Speaking of change, I'm thinking if you can swing the cost of a plane ticket to Australia, have a working ATM card, and check the cushions in your couch and the seats in the Aerostar for loose change, you too can be a Champ Car driver. This way you'll not just report on the race, you'll be a part of it!

(All "quotes" from

Harvey Pelovsky

Chump Car (spelling correct) is now the laughing stock of racing series. A1GP with the Ferrari deal has now put CC in the proverbial basement, even below the SCCA runoffs!
Kevin, Jerry, and anybody else dumb enough to invest, take your money and put it in money market checking, your return will be much better.
CC TEAM OWNERS: Please stop the misery with all of us fans and ALL please, please defect to the IRL NOW! The last sponsor in CC, please turn out the lights.

Harvey Pelovsky

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