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February 21, 2008


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Katherine racing in a series where they'll pay her. What a concept!

Good luck Ms. Legge!

My Name Is IRL


After two seasons of everything going pear-shaped in the CCWS, Audi comes calling all bloody well chuffed, and Bob's your uncle.

Don't get your knickers in a twist, P-Dog.



Is Katherine pulling the handle and going to DTM Escape Plan Alpha Bravo Delta?


Got to love this. DTM is a great series and will be all the better for having her. Can't wait to watch this season of DTM on SPEED in January of 2009, haha.


Katherine is definitely going to escape plan Zulu Xray Bravo. Paying drivers to drive? What the? Who's idea ...? I like Katherine. Hope she gets it sorted. My knickers are very untwisted.


Ok, that's it. Every racing series which pays drivers to race, into quarantine NOW. This might be a contagious situation, and we can't let it get out of hand. Everyone will want to get paid, and it will turn into a big mess...


Pretty sure this is escape plan Delta Tango Madre. (..get it? ..DTM? Delta Tango Madre? Come on, that's funny..)

Good luck to Kat. DTM now has a new fan.

..if I can find it on TV. :P

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