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March 08, 2008


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"Corinthian leather" LOL!!! Maybe he could even get Mr. Maltoban to be his spotter. ;)


(Ricardo Montalban voice) Got one high ... still there ... still there ...



Since we know Firestone tested white wall tires earlier this year, can we go the full route with a Rich . . . Corinthian . . . Leather driver's seat, white wall tires, wire wheel covers, padded vinyl airbox cover (landau irons optional), and opera lamps for night races?

From a crapwagon to a "Stylin' Mo-sheeen" for Mr. Tracy.

Or will a set of gold double dubs work for The Thrill from West Hill?

"Every day, Paul be hustlin'"

My Name Is IRL

Can they put spinners on the rims of an IndyCar? Just askin'

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