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April 19, 2008


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So Jamie now has as many big wins as Danica!!


Nope - Jamie's got a bigger Big Win than Danica! At the 2002 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race, which is Ms. DP's most major "win", she finished first in the Pro Division, but third overall. Ms. DP finished behind Dara Torres, an Olympic diver, and Will Masterson, an actor. Guess she didn't have her patented foot stomp and demand to get out of her way down pat yet. And they obviously didn't know better.


My Name Is IRL

WOO HOO! 'Bout time the got her in a car!


Patrice, nice job. Obviously reading your post was what finally motivated Danica Kournikova to go out and win a race. Making you and Katherine Legge apologists swallow foot with crow must have made the victory even sweeter.


Oh, Sue. You as well.

Mike Rice

Oh, yes...and she drove the damn car really well, it was no "backed into it" kind of win. Started p2, p3 at the exit of turn 1, got dumped back to 4th by the end of the first or second lap in the Gong Show-like dive-bomb approach of some Celeb drivers...then methodically began to reel them back in and pass them with authority. She was on it. With Skinner closing on her, she was closing on the leader. At the end of the Seaside straight (the back straight of the course) she was closing fast on the actor whats-his-name, who choked and stuffed his car into the tire barriers (no assistance from Jamie), and she held off Skinner to the flag - or what should have been the flag. It was the best Pro/Celeb race I've ever witnessed. Props, big time props, to the best IPH ever on the win.

ramblin man

"Who's running this goat rodeo? I imagine a tight shot of the flag stand showing 19 clowns packed into it all waving random flags."

Love this stuff!

Can't wait to see Jamie racing at Indy and the SI photos!

Go Jamie!

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