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April 26, 2008


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"Imagine the thrill that went up my spine as we drove in ... and I looked at the scoring pole and saw #7 on the top during the first practice. Danica is atop the pole. (Careful.)"
"And me without my chapstick."

LOL, where do you come up with these lines? You should be at all the races bringing these kinds of reports. That would be worth subscribing to.


Marty made me laugh when he deflected the question about his missing sponsor by saying they peeled off all the stickers to find more speed! LOL! (whooda thunk that as a CDN open wheel fan I'd have to pin all my hopes on Marty Roth...Go Marty Go!)

And Tony must have been pissed, as he said almost the same thing verbatim on the IMS radio interview during qualifying.

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