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April 28, 2008


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"Force (Ashely, not John) has yet to pose nearly naked."

Are you implying that John Force HAS posed nearly naked? If so, please let me know where those pictures are, so I can avoid them. Don't want to break my monitor...

The American Mutt can't even arrange a podium pic right...


The beginning of the race was bumped to ESPN Classic. Which is not available in HD. Not happy about that.

Ashley Force is much better-looking than Danicker. JMHO.


Much, much nicer personality too, without losing any competitive spirit.

John Edward

An F-bomb here and there are good for business. ;)

Redd Carr

you made me laugh out loud. much better to read your version than to watch it. i'm all for irl but it seems like there's a few real good guys and more than a few clowns.

looking forward to Indy and reading your version.


once again, i'm spewing beer onto the computer screen in laughter. thank you, pdog. you should drive over for indy this year so we can show you THE IndyCar event.


BRILLIANT stuff. The clown music was positioned perfectly throughout the post - just as it was ending, I happened upon another link to it - CLICK. Perfectly complemented the action all the way to the end. I wanna be you when I grow up. :p


Thanks for reading and commenting, peeps. With people like y'all hanging about, it's easy to see why Bev Patrick wants to be n the pressdog posse! Good to know I bring a little beer/coffee monitor spewing to someone's day. That's all I ask. I appreciate everyone wading through it. The clown music is awesome. pressdog goes multimedia! I went to Indy in 2004 and 2007 and it was CRAP weather. I'm a curse. Staying away this year. Next year maybe. I'll be at Milwaukee, Iowa and Chicagoland this year. Word.

Allan Brewer

Great as always 'dog



Awesome job pdog! You've got more clown references than Penske has wins! Love the Mike King shout outs and what not. Sorry that you won't be at Indy this year, but maybe that means no need for the raingear.

BTW, when you came "THIS close" to buying Helio's Flying Banana t-shirt, was it before or after many pressdog beers of the day?

On to the great spectacle, super fast cars, and silver pith helmets. I've gotta get me one of those life size Danickers...


I appreciate the props. But, thank YOU for reading the blog and having a sense of humor. I'm not worthy.


I wish I could get to an IndyCar race live!
I was at Rockingham, England, for the two CART (pre-ChampCar) races in 2001 and 2002 and they were lots of fun even with the troubles they had. So different to what we usually have here.
I'm saving for a holiday so maybe next year I might come over. Would love to do Indy.

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