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May 27, 2008


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What is the deal with Honda being so noncompetitive?


I'm no F1 expert, but I think the Honda engines are basically engines Honda sends over and says "knock yourselves out" whereas the Ferrari and Mercedes engines are SUPER TWEAKED factory team engines into which the companies pour a few trillion dollars to optimize performance, so to speak.

gary patrick

Dawg, the F1 medical car (very bitchin' Mercedes wagon) always follows the start in F1 given the historical frequency of the first corner turning into a festival of carbon fiber.

check out for more.


Dude, thanks for the tip! Makes total sense. My viewing is enhanced. Seriously.

gary patrick

One of the most glorious things I've ever seen/heard is the F1 Medical car ripping off practice laps around an otherwise empty track at Indianapolis. The exhaust note alone was enough to make me weak in the knees. And the sight a wagon attacking corners and rocketing down the straits like you'd expect a Corvette or Ferrari to do was a total afront to my sensabilities.


Bit late commenting so this may not get seen, but this video is the F1 safety & medical cars running practice laps at Indy (may be the same session Gary Patrick saw):

Also just to correct something, Lewis was the first Englishman to win since 1969 and not the first Brit - Coulthard won it in the 90s.

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