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June 07, 2008


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Somewhere in my stash o' tapes & DVD's is an ABC clip from the first attempt to start the ill-fated 1973 Indianapolis 500. McKay was anchoring the race and when Salt Walther's car scythed through the field upside down and on fire, his commentary on the crash ("This is what everyone has feared!") encapsulated the uncertainty and anxiety of that year's race.

Somewhere on YouTube there's a clip of him and Sam Posey calling the Johncock - Mears duel at the end of the 1982 Indy 500. It's interesting to compare\contrast his announcing to Paul Page and the IMS Radio Network's call at the end of the race.

Godspeed Jim, from a Gen X'er who remembers ABC's broadcasts on the night of the Indy 500 with you, Jackie Stewart, Chris Economaki, and Sam Posey, before Sam kept being corrected by Bobby Unser ("Sam, that's where you're wrong . . . . ")


Yes, yes. Well put. Well spoken. McKay said more in 9 words that many announcers can say in 99.


As a tail-end "baby boomer", I grew up listening to McKay, as I am sure a lot folks who post on here did.

The "Wide World of Sports" was really something, wasn't it? I can remember watching the old tape delayed broadcasts of Indy with Jim and Jackie Stewart.

Ah the good old days. (grin)

RIP, Mr. McKay. We'll miss you.

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