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June 17, 2008


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Mike Rice

Great, great stuff, Bill. Rick was one of my heroes when I was working in the series. He was always so cool, so relaxed with anyone. There was never any pretense with him. I had the opportunity to work with his brother Roger in a Super Vee, and Rick was at a test with us. Years later, at a test at Firebird with our (CART) Indy car, he was testing at the same time. Afterwards, he came over and sat and talked with us about anything, everything...just one of the guys...for close to an hour, as I recall. So many get very "caught-up" in themselves when they reach that level of success, but it never touched him that way, so far as I could see. I remember the first year in Australia for the CART race. We (mechanics) went to go watch or try bungee jumping. I was a "watcher"...thought it was nuts...then looked to my left and there was Rick, watching. I asked him if he'd do it. "Nope". "Me neither", I replied. I asked him if Roger had a clause in the contract forbidding something like that. "No, I'm just not going to do something that crazy." It was a moment in time that still stands out in my memory.

Thanks for reacquainting me with just what a quality guy Rick Mears is.


He's huge. It was surreal interviewing him. He was super gracious and even insisted on fetching me a bottle of water. I almost said "yeah, but, you're RICK MEARS."


Great job, man. You interviewed Rick freaking Mears. It doesn't get any bigger than that.

But seriously, I tried to go buy the new Mears book on Father's Day and no one has it in yet.


Mears did a book signing at Milwaukee so I thought it was out long ago. But I popped into my local Barnes and Noble yesterday and they said it came out 6/15-ish and there may be some issue with the publisher because it's out of stock at the moment. BN woman thought maybe a week or so it would be in stores. You can order it at or and they'll ship when it comes in.


Mears again proves he's one of the greats! Thanks for the interview Dog!!


My first exposure to Rick Mears was many years ago at an off-road track near Sacramento. I was amazed with his speed and smoothness on the track and so I wondered over to the Mear's Gang pit when the race was over. I was even more surprised to witness how humble and friendly he was with anyone who approached him and how willing he was to share his time or even information on his race setup. He is a genuine class act and in my opinion the best ever in the business.

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