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June 26, 2008


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The Duke

There is no such thing as too much Robin Miller


Someone please tell Miller, (and Oreo), to stop stealing my material. It's So obvious!


Another great interview, keep up the good work pressdog!


Really cool Pressdog, kudos for snagging all of the big fish interviews lately. As much as I would like to disagree with Robin in his assessment that Homestead sucks and should go off the schedule, I can’t. Every year I go (like a lemming) and I every year I hope it’s going to be a good race. Why? Because it’s close enough to home for me to attend and it’s the first place I got to see an IRL race. But, alas, it never is a good race. And if that’s not enough of a reason to stop going, it’s an N-car track where they don’t want our kind. It’s obvious in the way you are treated there…both at the track and in the local area. The track does zero to promote. The reason they are there is that it’s a warm climate where you can get the race season started earlier. My race budget includes two races per year…for what I pay for a substandard experience every time at Homestead, I’ve been thinking for the last year or so about replacing Homestead with a nice oval in the Midwest :-) OK, I’m all through ranting; thanks so much for the photo credit. BTW, it was taken at St Pete; not the Florida track that I’ll be referring to in the future as the H-word.


Thanks or reading, Homeys, and thanks, Nancy, for the kicking photograph of Miller phoning it in. I think there are other tracks out there like Iowa who would get into a fully frontal froth if the IRL came to town. The league should find those and ditch the apathetic ones.

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