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July 30, 2008


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IRL on "the Ocho" for the win!


Preesdog I wish Tony George, Brian Barnhart, and Tery Angstadt read your blog and understood satire !


I'm sure they're all big fans, especially the IHJ. I have zero skin in this game, so it's easy for me to go off. I just don't think a 50-50 oval/twisty is going to be a TV ratings winner. Hope I'm wrong.

John S

Funny. Sad. TRUE.


On the other hand, people generally don't show up for oval IRL events unless they're bundled with NASCAR tickets or are the Indy 500. Empty stands don't cut it either.

A nice conundrum, ehh?


I submit that when you're asking a company for $1 million in sponsorship, they don't care about attendance. They're all about TV ratings because that's the only way they'll see return on their investment. When you ask them for $100,000, then they care about attendance. Champ Car had great attendance for many of its races and went belly up. If Champ Car was ripping down ratings of 3.0 every race, they'd still be going strong.

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