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July 07, 2008


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Silverstone is fun in the wet! Buzz on our broadcast was that Donington won't be ready in time, could do a deal with Silverstone so it stays where it is.

I know F1 doesn't like the safety car but I still can't believe they didn't use it in this race!

I also can't believe how much I enjoyed a race with such a big winning margin. I was using the live timing (which kicks ass) as well as the live broadcast, you could really see who was making up time. It asks for a login and needs Java installed but it is worth it if you are watching live and near a computer.


Oh yeah, Barrichello. It was funny because the other 2 drivers interviewed (Lewis and Heidfeld) both had said their teams chose which tyres to be on. Then it was his turn and he made a point of saying 'I chose the extremes'. Like: I'm an adult and can make my own decisions, thanks.

Transcript is here:

We don't usually see the full interviews here, must have made an exception for our home race. The TV stuff ends at the line 'Press Conference' after they returned to Lewis.


Despite the fact that it was a bitch-slapping of epic proportions this was still one of the most cool F1 races I've watched in a long time. When they went to the infra-red cam on the McLaren stop I said aloud "my viewing is enhanced!" And when Varsha said "somebody get Matchette a tranqualizer" I about fell out of my chair. Don't tell me Varsha's not reading the P-dog blog!

I was shocked when BMW pitted both drivers 3 laps after Barichello went to extreme wets and decided to stay on intermediates. Very next lap Kubica was off the track, a mistake that dropped him from first to 4th in the championship.


Matchett was in the whiskey there for a while, that's for sure.


"Shot of Ferrari crew -- nothing. May have been wax figures."

I just did a spit-take! Great stuff as usual. (..and what an entertaining race, eh?)


Thanks. Dude, those crew shots ... it's like someone just screamed "nobody moves or you're all dead" before the camera came on.


Just getting into racing (moreso ICS than F1), and I love this site. You crack me up, p-dog. You have to check out the Silent Pagoda on Its unreal.

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