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July 21, 2008


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I've got to agree with you on F-1 vs. IRL. Due to the crackerjack staff at ABC, I watched about 45 minutes of the German Grand Prix on Fox (I was wondering if they were going to title the race "When Lewis Hamilton Attacks") and saw the following:

Actual passing, some clean, some "WHOA, what the F@#% was he THINKING!?!?!?!"

Coverage of contests further on in the field.

Excellent on board shots.

Polished announcing from Varsha and Hobbs.

After all those years of arguing with my Euro-Centric brother John, will I have to admit that, GULP!, F-1 CAN be exciting racing?

One thing I did notice was the F-1 track was a darn sight wider than Mid-Ohio, so perhaps it was more condusive to passing than the IRL race.

Also, given that darned near everybody ABC did a special feature on or talked up spun off track, are our booth announcers the equivalent of the SI cover jinx?

Props to Briscoe for winning the race, AND keeping his job for 2009.


Thanks to the miracle of DVR, I watched both races this week. F1 notes coming soon. The F1 race was far, far, far superior in every way you mentioned. Even the way Hamilton won it was epic. His late pass of Massa was a beer-spewer. I greatly enjoyed it.



When someone hits Marco, is that Marco Polo???

Also, could someone wake Scott Goodyear up BEFORE he goes on air? Otherwise, he could just phone it in from home.

Great commentary bas always. Keep up the good work!


Yeah Mid-Ohio is fairly narrow. Glad to see they are learning about local yellows! Is this the hand of Tony Cotman?

Good that Wilson got by Patrick in the end, not that we saw it, he was clearly quicker and shouldn't have made that restart error.

How did Ed stay on the lead lap? Luck or improvement?

BTW, Armco has been used on road and street courses for decades and is the standard trackside barrier - I've never seen it used as a pitwall before.

Off to read German GP notes now..


Jack likes to bust out the insider talk - Armco. I bet a strong 93% of the audience had no clue. Marco --- POLO. Funny. I may steal that.


No way, anyone that knows much at all about racing (particularly F1, or any series that races on American road courses) knows exactly what Armco is. Heck, some TV commentators won't even bother saying "barrier" or anything, they'll just say that someone "hit the Armco hard" or whatever. It's capitalized since it's a brand name -- or, more accurately, the name of the company that makes it -- although, somewhat strangely, the company has since changed its name and is no longer called Armco.

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