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July 14, 2008


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Mike Rice

Hey P'dog,thanks for making an snoozer of a race entertaining. I nominate you for a position on the broadcast team. Just the barbs you might shoot at Jack, Scott and Marty would bring the ratings up eventually.


Ooooooo, make no mistake, I would have no skills in the booth a'tall. I would suck. I would be so bad I would gleefully make fun of myself right here. It's a lot harder than everyone thinks, especially when you have a snorefest of a race to announce like Nashville. Not much Marty, Scott and the posse could do with that snoozer.


there you are! I worried the race had lulled you into a coma and that we should send help!

What a disaster. Thank god all of you tenured IndyCar fan/blogger types thought so too, cause this newbie was beginning to worry that this was acceptable and was starting to seek out a new hobby.


Pressdog try this beer I worked here for 7 years. all we made was german beers. I drink not much of anything but german beers. hellas is my favorite style. The weepingradish will ship the beer right to your door... the black radish is the bomb just a simple dark lager!!!


Thanks for the beer of the race tip. I'll check into it. It wasn't just you, Meesh. Nashville is always a Festival of Snoring.

My Name Is IRL

I think we need to change Hunter-Reay's nickname to "Babe".


Well that was fairly tedious but I guess you've got to have races like these to make the others seem better, right? You can't have three wide passing every race or it'll seem contrived. This ain't the N-word. :-)

But even so.. I've mentally marked Nashville down as the Hungarian GP of IndyCar racing. Single file, no passing, go two wide and you're going back.
Mid-Ohio and Hockenheim (or since 2003 or so, Hock-in-half), plus MotoGP at Laguna - should be a good weekend.

(beer tip: Old Speckled Hen)

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