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August 03, 2008


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From the comments, your daughter must not have seen an F1 car in action! It could be the most boring race at the most boring track in the world to those watching on TV, but in person these things are something else, you'd both love it I'm sure. The sight, sound, atmosphere, everything is just so completely different to anything else - and I was at the two oval events CART put on in England (which were both awesome). F1 is a higher level again. Seriously. Get yerself to Montreal next year and see what I mean. Not the hairpin, too slow.

I agree with you that most street races are boring. Race cars shouldn't be confined to a series of 90deg 60mph corners..

Some of the GP2 guys (just below F1) were in the GT event last weekend which was held to test the track. They likened it to Montreal or Melbourne so it shouldn't be too bad.
I'm more concerned about the other new one, Singapore, some are saying that's a twisty.
I was going to mention KERS but I've gone too long already, maybe I'll come back later.


I smiled and though of the P-dog when Varsha started coming down with the dreaded "Lockstepticoccus!"


LMAO...."Lockstepticoccus has infected F1."

When I heard Varsha say "lockstep" I immediately started laughing in anticipation of your recap....thanks Pressdog for never disappointing :-)


So yeah, KERS, quick as I can manage:

Basically you're right.
Energy is lost as heat during braking (which is why F1 brakes glow red).
KERS recovers energy and stores it in a) capacitors (most teams) or b) a flywheel (Williams).
Hook that to electric engines on the back wheels, give driver a button. Voilà, eco-friendly Push To Pass.
Except for the batteries they'll fly everywhere and throw out after one race but keep quiet about those, shh don't tell Greenpeace.

Toyota say KERS more basic than the Prius.

More at and Google, if you sub to you need to read Rencken's articles about this.

(sorry about my comments always being too long, it isn't intentional and ironically I'm nothing like this in person, I'll keep it in check for future notes)

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