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August 11, 2008


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How are we supposed to get any work done with this situation hanging over our collective consciousness all day?

Somebody at this site better make him an offer soon...I mean, who will replace him here if he signs with another blog? This team is doomed without his skills in set-up and leadership.

My Name Is IRL

Although a solid entry in the bimergified series, it’s obvious to anyone with two eyes that Meesh's team has serious issues with the big ovals. The fact is the pressdog team is one of the few that puts pressdog on a competitive site for both ovals AND road/street courses, so it’s obvious he was just leveraging the media against himself.

Furthermore, pressdog should issue an immediate apology to Danica because he never had any intent of becoming “her boy”. If he keeps circulating garbage like that then readers will start thinking the majority of his reports at are completely fabricated. And we can’t have that.


"It's unbelievable," said Meeshbeer. "I talked to him (Pressdog) on Wednesday night and he said we were fine, we were great and we're a go. Then I get a call from his agent who spoke so fast I didn't catch his full name (but I believe he said his name was IRL) anyway he says P-Dog has flipped and he's staying with He said something about P-dog not liking one of the clauses in the contract but I didn't change anything! Fully loaded fridge, his choice of race beer each week!!"


"I never thought of being anywhere else," said pressdog, "and obviously when other sites knew the [option] date was up people tried to contact me. I didn't want to get involved because I had somebody else representing my end of the deal. I had a handshake deal with so I knew where I wanted to be. People came … not after me, the way they are saying, but there had been a few phone calls here and there. Not from one team, but wondering what was going on. I didn't want to answer those calls. I stayed away, and that's why there was a whole mystery of people saying that I said this or I said that. But I was never in (direct) contact, apart from"

John S

Great news, More P Dog. I am expecting an article soon with the scoop about the



P-Dog, how instrumental was doing your laundry in the transporter last weekend, in convincing you to stay at Are you the clear team leader?


I have to admit, that was some of the best laundry I've done so far, I love that machine, especially the eco-friendly nature of it. Front loader, very nice. As a team, it's good to do some laundry now and then. I can tell you, I was certainly pissed off at myself in there. I think I'm the leader. Sure, we have difficulties and we're always going to have that -- there's always going to be laundry to be done -- but we have to go forward as a team. What other choice do we have? Of course you know what they say? $3 million a year is the best laundry detergent there is.


I'm upset that I'm currently the Marty Roth Racing in the IRL Blogosphere least it's an honor to run 23rd every week to the Meeshbeers, MyNameIsIRLs and Pressdogs of the world. Who can I get to be my Jay Howard, that I can yank around and hold hostage?

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