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September 16, 2008


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not that it's important, but does she actually race anywhere?


Sadly, not at the moment. She raced briefly in the Pro Series last year and is trying to put together a Green Team to race somewhere next year.


My head swims. So many questions. One: Red stapler fan? Wow. Nice. Two: How do we get her back in the Lights series, or any other series? I actually think she has some talent. Driving talent, that is. Three: How do I go about getting Lucky? I may or may not mean the jeans.


Maybe Office Space the Movie could sponsor her. 'Course, I could burn down the track. I know! Get her in a car! Maybe Arni the Indy Lights Insider can help us. As for getting Lucky, if buying jeans doesn't do it for you, you're on your own.


O.K. She's a much HOTTER Milka Duno.... can she drive any better?? If not, I'll keep my "pin-up" that actually can win a race.

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