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September 20, 2008


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Pat W

I was about to come and ask if you'd had a chance to see the race! Glad you had time to write some notes.

It's great to see a new winner and those weather conditions were dreadful at times. He earned that one.

McLaren has protested the Spa penalty, we'll get the result on Monday. Don't you just love not knowing the winner until 15 days after the race?


"Warholian. Am I the only one who sees that?"

BWAHAHAHA! Oh crap, cola thru the nose burn!

I think disco balls and Campbell's Soup cans EVERY TIME I see the man. Seriously.

Patrick E

Curt Cavin gave high praise for your blog and now I see why. "Vettel wins. Satan goes ice skating." What a call!!


Thanks for visiting. I may now owe Curt beer.

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