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October 09, 2008


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87% of Champ Car fans???!! No wonder it did not survive...I guess the heck with competition, engineering ,sponsorships ect. If bikini girls are the biggest thing missed then that is an insult to the talented drivers, teams who strive to compete. Also an insult to true race supporters. Some has to be lying with that statistic. Remind me not to buy a ticket if that ends up what drives the unification and growth.


Dude, I made the 87% stat up (and there are more than 1729 former Champ Car fans too).

My Name Is IRL

47% of all stats are made up. It's a fact.


I demand grid-men. Sure you can say the grid-men/eye candy for the lady fans are the drivers but the firesuits ruin the effect. Give me a guy with Daniel Craig's Bond-bod in those same swimming trunks! It's only fair.


It is only fair to have grid boys. Might as well tap into the market for ogling male hotties while we're at it.


Where do I sign up for my checkered flag speedo?

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