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January 10, 2009


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Tim Nothhelfer

5. MIlka Duno wins in Japan and is so emotional that no one can understand her (but is widely recognized from her role in SPEED RACER!)
4.Ryan Briscoe wins more races than his new teammate and is less recognized than his new bride.
3. Marco wins another* race.... in the A1 GP series outside of the United States.
*(without driver-aids: team mates)
2. Tony Kannan will appear more clean shaven than Helio Castroneves on the Borg Warner Trophy.
1. The Indycar series Will be a Hit with the Versus Network. Arnie the Insider will appear as the new talent in the role of moderator for the pre race coverage!

Brian McKay

Hey, word butcher/name butcher: "IndyCar driver Darrin Manning" should have been "IndyCar racer Darren Manning."

Pat W

Nice work!

Just on what Jeff said in no.5 - there was a short news story in Autosport magazine this week (which I haven't seen elsewhere) stating that Tony George wants to make the rules package sportscar style, i.e. Le Mans sets the rules which are then picked up by different series in Europe, America, a proposed one in Asia.. Wouldn't it be great if there were an IndyCar series on each continent and they all came together at Indy? Mega Big Bump Day!

I tell you what, this Brit would love a European IndyCar Series to come along and replace some of the more stupid series we currently have here.


Once again, my internet knowledge is way enhanced.

The dog's blog rules with authority in '09.

Smashing predictions all around!

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