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February 19, 2009


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I wanted a chance to talk about this last night. But we just ran out of time. I love the DTM.

Thanks again for joining us. Should be posted this evening.


Everyone gets all giddy about Daniker, who has the body of a 12 year old boy, Katherine is 100,000X more attractive.


The link in my post to the Legge story was bogus. I have fixed it. Thanks to Robert for letting me know it was whack.


Great news for Kat, running in 2yr old cars did her and Susie Stoddart no favours at all last year, made them look hopeless (and we all know they aren't).

Kudos for the unexpected DTM coverage 'Dog, but I have to question your choice of sources... I mean, The Sun? Really? All you need to know about The Sun is in the title of a link on that same page:

"F1 Yanks Want Dishy Danica"


That's one of the best Danica headlines I have ever read. Props to those nutty headline writing Brits!


Hey duke... you must have your analogy a bit flipped. All the 12 year old boys are buying SI to enjoy good looking women (including Danica). That issue brings in boatloads of cash & most buyers don't want to see corn-feed retreads, after they enjoyed the model that co-headlined the COVER.

100,000X? Those the odds that Kat will be offered a similar photo shoot?? Even after her RA crash & the press-slam that went with it no one made her non racing PR offers (like modeling).


As for Audi "upgrading" Kat & others with better A4/ DTM rides.... I would rather they ran their R15 FULL TIME in the ALMS or ELMS.

The money to upgrade back markers in DTM would have been better spent competing in P1, developing the TDI & other new tech. JMO

Brian McKay

I'd like to watch (on TV, alas) teams race Audi R15s "FULL TIME in the ALMS."
But maybe Audi considers that it's 'been-there, done-that' and dominated North American sports car racing and LeMans 24 for consecutive years, so 'let's conserve some money and move on.'
Audi proved to North Americans that Audi makes fast, efficient cars, and nowadays shoppers aren't flooding Audi dealers' showrooms...

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