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March 29, 2009


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Yay... the Red Cars are finally crap. ;)


Yay... Sebastien gets points after all. Oh whats this, yes I'm getting conformation from the Planet-Irl weather department now, it is indeed snowing in hell.

Pat W

Awesome notes as always 'Dog, how come you weren't race-rusty, you weren't secretly noting N-word races were you? Top quality straight out of the gates.

BTW I'm not from No Fenders but huge thanks for the linkage!

I'm still laughing from the kangaroos, that's *genius*.


Stellar read as usual P-Dog! Hopefully by the next race I'll have my viewing capabilities sorted!


OMG, Pat. I SUCK! I had the right link but the wrong name. I corrected it. Too Much Racing! Sorry for the screw up. Thanks for saying something. I take notes on paper and then type them up later, which helps ensure it takes me about FIVE HOURS to do the notes each time, which makes me a lunatic. If I did it on the fly like you and Meesh, they would suck as much as my site naming skills.

Pat W

Hey no worries, I'm ecstatic I got a link!

I take notes in Notepad in Windows, have it open alongside the live timing screen from Hugely useful. I type a lot faster than I can write, and I can edit it on the fly if there's a lull in the action.
Today, uh yesterday, uh whenever it was, I took a break and came back to re-read it a couple of hours later before posting. The luxury of a 6am race over here means I wasn't pushed for time on the posting, the downside being I was way too tired to know if it made any sense when I was writing live, so lots of editing..


Glad to see you are doing these again this year. They are always fun to read and to see your take on the whole schamozzle as I think Hobbs would say.


I watched the race live (for me) this morning... 2-4:30AM & my old arse can't adjust. It was well worth staying up to watch new faces in podium places!!! :) :)

Having said that... 1st I find out via SPEED News that Trulli is docked 25 seconds & loses 3rd place to Lewis Hamilton. Shake my head with disgust that the FIA zings Vettel for continuing on 3 wheel (this made one of my local news shows & they NEVER cover F1...)

I'm a Lewis/ McLaren fan so you would think I would be O.K. with the penalty to Jarno.... GUESS AGAIN!!! :( :( :( Why can every series in the world manage a safety (or pace)car or yellow flags & F1 screws it to perfection??? I missed any Toyota passing remaining McLaren

We like to pi$$ on NASCAR , but at least their fans go home knowing the final running order... The winner might be found to have a cheater car BUT the win stands. WTFC's about points when the victory lane photo STAYS VALID, eh!!!

Can we Photoshop Trulli out of those podium images? No for the net & the weekly mags, but YES for Autocourse? GREAT. :( :(


To keep my posts shorter...

Vettel fined 50K for his unsafe desire to keep running? I can see the FIA's side on this......

...BUT (a BIG but here...) to assign HIM the blame for Kubica's banzai, "red mist" moment??? The BMW driver was faster & had 3 laps to make his move. He pushed the issue in a tough corner. WHERE did he expect Vettel to go... its a RedBull F1 car, not a Dakar Rally RedBull VW! Not a SCORE off road truck!!

If Vettel gets a 10 grid place penalty... then IMO Kubica deserves one too... although I would make his a 15er!!! UGH :( :(

I might be grumpy from odd sleep patterns but this bush-league FIA race management makes the old USAC era @ Indy look like a group of Einsteins. They have just pimped RedBull in Malaysia

S. Vettel: Start in the pit lane like the Toyotas did today. Save your front wings & avoid the 1st turn chaos mate (unless you put it on pole?)


I was a little surprised at the harshness of the penalty to Vettel re: failing to make his car levitate as well. You're right (and Hobbs pointed out at the time) that Kubica could have taken him later without much problem. I also agree it wasn't F1's finest hour RE: safety car. Do you think Lewis pulled over/slowed down to try and trick Trulli into passing him? I'm sure that kind of thing NEVER happens in racing.


Thanks for the recap, pdog. As a Jenson Button fan, who wasn't able to watch the race, I appreciate your coverage.


Oh, and do you think these "overtaking" manuvers will catch on F1? I didn't know that drivers were allowed do this on track. There seemed to be quite a bit of it in this race.


Amen on the overtaking. You have to give some of the credit to the stellar TV production squad. They did an incredible job of showing us overtaking wherever it was in the field. It was awesome.


Do you think Lewis pulled over/slowed down to try and trick Trulli into passing him? I'm sure that kind of thing NEVER happens in racing. -pressdog

My Dad has grown disenchanted with F1... I have to goad him into watching (& he watched the Aussie GP). He will start many of his protests with : "F1 is SUPPOSED to be the finest...."

99% of the world's race series' use pace cars & manages their drivers while it is in use. YET... F1 seems to bumble & fumble these deals.

Dad says the IRL has driver mounted "alerts" that inform them of numerous safety deals. The IRL has a medical staff to the driver SECONDS after any wreck (look how long Nakajima sat dazed in his destroyed Williams...)

F1 is suppose to be the GREATEST & most TECHNICAL , but can't manage the simpe task to keeping their drivers in the right order? Then result to draconian levels for minor rules infractions???

GEEZ!!! No wonder why my Dad sleeps in & watches the highlights on SPEED News, eh??? Tell Bernie to forget changes to the points system... get the BASICS right first!!!


Thanks as ever for the fabulous notes.

Where can we see F1 highlights in the US? doesn't seem to have them. The BBC player won't show them in the US. F1 makes Youtube take clips down as soon as they're posted. What am I not finding?

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