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March 30, 2009


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Wow, did it yet again. Those were great questions, and it's very cool to "see" Peter Windsor so cooperative to answer everything pretty candidly.

You should do this stuff for a living...we'll all back you!!


Thanks. I used to do it for a living ... journalism in general, not racing coverage ... but that was a long time ago.


Killer get Pdog. Great questions and props to Peter for answering them so well. The Flavio question was oustanding on both fronts.


I always wondered why he never spoke to Lewis and just figured it was because he was being crowded by others. That deal with Kimi is fine with me though, since Raikkonen's as interesting as a colonoscopy. Great job pressdog!


Plus, Matt, who can understand Kimi in the first place? Monotone with virtually no lip movement. Hard to understand him. But he does speak better English than I speak Finnish, so i guess slack should be cut.


Pressdog: Great interview & my Spelling tip would direct you to JEAN Michel... like Jean Alesi, no?


You forgot to ask the most critical question of all, If you, Peter, won't be doing the grid walk in 2010, what do we need to do to get Johnny & The Duke in there. Afterall if you want entertainment on the pre-grid, they'd be your men.

Pat W

Excellent interview, nice catch!
Great that he took the time for some lengthy responses.

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