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April 02, 2009


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On a serious note... I'm glad President Obama is in Europe for the G20. His distance might lead to this "story" being more truly unbelievable (than it already is) There is sadly a small, already PI$$ED-OFF minority in our country (a lunatic fringe?). They were revved up during the election & believe only point of view.

I feel I'm not being too political here... DUMB enough to think our President was (is) a Muslim, buddies with "terrorists", plans to TAKE their guns, & now.... takin' away their NASCAR Racin' .

The Secret Service's job just got even MORE difficult! NASCAR & GUNS... Dem fightin' words... & MORE powerful than messin' with their GUNS & BIBLES!!

Sad, but TRUE (for that whacky few)... DUMB enough to get P.O'd on mock stories posted on April 1st

Pat W

And I can't believe he gave Queen Liz an iPod! I need to reinstall Photoshop..

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