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April 16, 2009


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I love that guy! And he drove a pretty darn good race at St. Pete too. I hope he does well.


Have not yet read my love, er, driver's comments but I wanted to say thankyouthankyouthankyou, p-dog, for this. After Wheldon, Darren was the next IRL driver I took on as mine. Something about cheeky Englishmen...

Anyways... *off to read*

Mike Krapfl

Props to Darren is great fun. I hope we can see him in an IndyCar all season long.


He's insane even via email!! (extra exclamation point shout-out)

P-dog, you should have asked him if he still holds the world land-speed record for driving backwards.

The Speedgeek

Nice work. That guy rules. I've been a permanent Manning fan since they did a "day in the life of" segment on him during a ChampCar race a few years ago. The complete contents of his apartment were: fridge containing only condiments, a table with only a laptop on it, a small TV about 4 feet away from the table/laptop, a giant golf bag in the corner with about 50 clubs in it, and a roll-out putting green in the middle of the floor. No wall decoration, maybe not even a bed. That's my kind of race driver.

Pat W

Englandisms, ha! Great answers to some excellent questions, Darren is a great bloke and I really hope he has a successful year. He seems to have retained his accent more than any other driver in the series!

I know what he means with the bacon, not that I'm biased, I work for a bacon company!


Brilliant stuff. We were lucky enough to interview him at Silverstone last season for and he was excellent value - gave us loads of time, answered frankly (even though his Mum was sitting next to us) and was terrific fun to be with. We were terrified afterwards that our write-up had contributed to him losing the Foyt drive, though we couldn't logically see how it could have. Terrific to see him back in the series!


Good STOOF, Andy. Here's the links to's interviews with Danger Mouse:

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