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April 27, 2009


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redd carr

no clown picture? my reading was not enhanced.

The American Mutt

I can't help but wonder if you were thinking of me when you made the comment on Dixons pit. Indeed we do love it, though if (looks at the soft velvet glove of justice) we had more green flag pit stops this year it wouldn't be nearly the advantage it was last year. Never the less, I'm glad Tonys got it for may.

Thanks for all the sarah info. She barely got mentioned during the broadcast.

Shame that it came down to whoever got the lead wasn't losing it.

While he did pass for the lead on the track (at least it happened ONCE) it's not like he was passing somebody with more than ten ovals under his belt. Other than that no complaints on Dixon this week.

I'm confused about this whole pit lane thing. If the scoring line isn't actually where the pit lane starts (they said it was the yellow, and the white was the timing and scoring line) than why did he lose position. My point is--if he's not in the pits, he's on the track, if he's on the track then how does he lose position? I don't know, just seems like there's a better way to do that--that's two years in a row a guy would have won had that not happened.

Interesting that two weeks in a row a ganassi car screws up causing a full course yellow which defaults the lead to the other teammate. Don't worry not suggesting it was deliberate, just fortunate.

The American Mutt

One comment I had that's technically about Dixon, but really about Barnhart. Why was he allowed to pass for third and take the inside lane before the start. I realize a clean start is important, but damn man at least try to make it look like rows of two.


Redd. Early draft. I tossed in some clown stamps for ya.


Thanks for following Ed 'n Ryan on the scanner. I'm following the Vision team this year -- it's easy with the Tweet-happy team -- and I appreciate the bonus coverage from pressdog.


We need to get a blogger/twitter get-together @ Indy. I'll be there a TON, and I'd love to meetcha'all. Nice breakdown of the race!


Yeah, man! I noticed Ed saying "thanks" to the fans for coming out too, and was almost knocked over! What was especially cool about it was that it sounded sincere. I was really happy to hear it, and it honestly reminded me of you, 'dog, the fan's strongest and most outspoken advocate.


And the only way that egg trick of Jack's could have been any more weird...greatly enhancing the entertainment if his hands had been angled 'just-so', with the raw-egg-goo ending up on his face.

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