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April 25, 2009


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Wow - you get to do sports AND weather. Nice!

Thanks for the coverage - I'm looking forward to reading more.


It's always a good race weekend when pressdog is on the scene.


Thanks for the report from the track!

During the Versus broadcast, Jack Arute apologized to Graham for saying the miscue in the pits at Long Beach was Graham's fault. Apparently it was people on Graham's facebook (or was it his myspace) page that called Arute out for being blind.

They also clearly showed Dario and Helio going beneath the white line - The Professor (Jon Beekhuis) was all over it the moment it happened - and they even showed the IHJ watching the replays, and he gave his decision to Arute on the air!

All in all, a good broadcast (except that Doornbos' run happened during commercial - d'oh!)


C'mon, 'dog...why are you so shocked about a N/H/L car going to the front? Only one year of experience in this series, ya...but for how many years were they every bit the equal of Penske and Ganassi in CART? I maybe didn't expect it this soon on an oval, but I can't say I'm really surprised - impressed, but not surprised.

But then, qualifying isn't the whole story...and we'll see how well GR does in the race.

Heck, while we're at it, let's talk about the fact that AGR doesn't look all that potent in terms of the "Big 3" moniker, even though Danziga qualified impressively.


I (and everyone else I saw) is shocked at how soon they challenged for the pole. Pretty sure Target and Penske are surprised as well. Graham Rahal is impressive, both on the track and especially off. He's working with the media like a veteran. Very poised and articulate. Will at can be proud of his Son of 'Stache. Glad Arute apologized to Rahal. I'll have to catch the replay of quals when I get home.


I'm still disappointed they dumped Wilson and moved Rahal to the McDonald's car, considering I see Wilson as more likable and talented, but Rahal is probably better than I thought he was. Although I guess I should be happy Wilson at least has a ride, unlike Power, Rice, Servia, or Junqueira... I suppose I can't say Wilson was dumped for Rahal; I have to say he was dumped for Doornbos, because Bobby D doesn't seem to have brought any more sponsorship than Wilson...yet.

And I hope Doornbos's second place start will cause people to stop saying ex-Champ Car drivers can't drive on ovals (as is said about Power all the time). The reason they turned in poor performances last year was greatly inferior oval equipment...


mumph mrrph smuff pfrrrgh wlafffbu frumph...

(Translation: Can someone please help me get me foot out of my mouth so I can eat some crow here about my dissin' of AGR?)

Really thought only TK would have that kind of pace out of the AGR team. I'll have my crow well-done (no, not Wheldon), thanks.

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