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April 25, 2009


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My Name Is IRL

All I can say is if I had the funds I would send you and your Molson to every race, 'dog. This is tremendously killer stuff. THANK YOU!


Awesome as usual. I can't believe I haven't been to a race yet this year. It physically hurts, at this point, to think about .


Obviously, something came up with Cavin. Ballard is reporting from Kansas.

The Speedgeek

Excellent report from the track. I feel like I got to be there yesterday, and I didn't even have to tax the limits of my marriage to do it (that's what today's for). That's a nice job by you, 'Dog. Many, many thanks. Here's hoping that we get to see some fine, fine oval track racing today.


Thanks kids. I have mad props and respect for the traveling media posse that follows the series to every venue. Lot of work. Lot of walking around. Long hours. I get spent just going to four races a year.


Hornish is leading at Talledega!


Hornish is leading at Talledega!

Pat W

Oh this is one of the best track reports ever, just brilliant! I agree with Jeff, you need to do every race. In the world.
I'll read your race report after I've actually seen the race, I am so far behind it's unreal.

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