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April 26, 2009


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Can somebody explain the Rusty/practice jokes both here and on My Name is IRL? I so don't get it... Is this something stupid he said in his deplorable commentary during the 2006 Indy 500?


A few years ago the IRL stopped having race morning practices. In part because Paul Dana died in a race morning practice. But us cynical bastards thought that it was more to do with Rusty Wallace going on and on about how unsafe morning practices are. So it became the Rusty Wallace rule. I think honestly a big part of it is the drivers can't stop themselves from being stupid and they tend to run in packs and do goofy shit in the morning practice, crash, then reduce the car count.

Roy Hobbson

Arni looks like he's reciting the first 50,000 decimals of pi in his head.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm ... pi.


WTF is Arni? Is he some child prodigy or does the IRL care so little about FIL that its made the "Marketing" position a jr. high school internship? No pay, but all the hospitality food & IZOD gear you can grab? I'm serious. What is the deal with this?


What are you talking about, Jeff-O? Arni is a most excellent professional PR person of many years who has mad skillz. Don't let his youthful appearance fool you. The Insider is definitely sidepod worthy.

The Speedgeek

No doubt. I only know Arni from his "Indy Insider" appearances, but those taught me one thing: don't front on Arni. He will break you.

I'm all for repealing the "Rusty Wallace Rule." His nauseating "We don't have morning warm up in NASCAR, blah, blah, NASCAR's better" stuff during IRL races was just awful. They should go back and digitally alter the race footage from 2006 to elimiate his voice completely.

BTW, big thanks for the Sunday morning schedule heads-up, 'Dog. Our leisurely Sunday morning got a whole lotta hectic at about 9:30 when I read this update. Between this and the early-race crash-o-rama, I was actually able to see 40+ laps of the Lights. Nice.


Agreed, Geek. Beneath that boyish exterior is a stone cold gangstah.

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