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April 20, 2009


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The American Mutt


"(For which, you gotta note, there was no penalty.)" For which I gotta note, where was the pissiness about this when it happened last year? Does it only matter when it's Dixon? Where was his penalty for spinning at Watkins for that matter, if you're going to penalize Briscoe that is.

(Correct me if Danica overtook anyone on the track.) Not that it amounts to much but Barret and Carpenter on the first lap. I think. I know at least Barret for sure because both Ed and her got around him (I'm not really) on the first lap.

Not to sound like an asshole here, but why make this complaint? It's no worse than a championship driver making every pass for the lead in the pits. Actually it is worse. The championship driver should be able to pass people.

Done beating a dead horse.


"Done beating a dead horse." Some how I kinda doubt it.

The American Mutt

I'll stop complaining about Dixon if you stop complaining about Danica. Deal?


This emailed to me from John:

Unable to post to your website, tech problem. If I could comment, I would comment this:

I was also wondering about: A: No communications in Verizon car and B: your lap 2 comments. Too good to be made up.


PS: I miss Jaime Little, still.

pressdog Note: Typepad says if you start a comment and take too long to get it done, it won't be accepted. Goofy, I know, but there you go. I guess you have to comment quick.

The American Mutt

OH. I somehow missed your lap two comment. I've frequently wondered about that myself. Although, I do believe there are an equal number of hispanics joining the armed services as caucassions, so I guess it makes sense. I'm bored pressdog gimme some more fun reading.

The American Mutt

For the record, just to be clear, I'd like to stress that any point of view I express isn't an attack on you--and if you've ever taken issue with anything i had to say I apologize.

Harder Hallwood

My favorite off-track moments were from the announcers:

Jack Arute calling Stirling Moss a Formula One champion. (Uh, Jack, the guy is fairly well known among "racing" fans as the best driver to NEVER win the F1 world championship.)

Bob Jenkins giving "a shout out to Sam Hornish for his ninth-place finish at Phoenix." (Go Sam! Woo-hoo! We're number nine, we're number nine!!)

Thank goodness the racing was pretty good and the cautions were minimal. (Otherwise, we'd have hearn more of this crud from Jack and Bob.)

The Speedgeek

Several things:

1) Ashley's hat is probably only about 50% of the size of some of the monsters Sandy Andretti used to unleash back in '91 or so. Read into that whatever you will, regarding ego size or whatever else.

2) I am fully behind you on the "party pooper" rant. Will had an AWESOME weekend, given all that happened around him. He should be in a car for the rest of the season, and I'm not just saying that because I have him on my fantasy team. He's one of the most talented young guys in the series, and it drives me crazy to have dudes like Mike Conway wrecking five times in two weeks and Will potentially sitting on a war wagon next week in Kansas.

3) I'm relatively certain that The Jackster was mixing up Sir Stirling with the Actually Late Jimmy Clark, who Dario is a renowned super-duperfan of. For starts, Jimmy is actually dead (hence, the "late" part). For seconds, Sir Stirling in his heyday was known to, many more than one girlfriend. For Dario to have recognized "Stirling's girlfriend" from some photo he saw once...that would be like recognizing some pair of huge sunglasses in a pile of huge sunglasses as being "Danica Patrick's sunglasses".


Nicely said, Speedgeek. Agreed on all counts. I tend to shut down the noting when Jack starts talking about Days of Yore. Caught the Sam P9 shout out Harder. I don't generally note N-word stuff, but you've done a nice job of including it here via comment amendment. Nicely played.

John S

The only comment needed for this race is: Next race, we go fast. uh Race cars going fast, seems like a good idea.


"Arute says cars have push to pass. This is completely new to me. I had no idea IndyCars had power to pass. I don't actually think they do, but Arute says so, so it must be true."

Between Arute pulling randomly wrong facts out of his ass all day, and Jenkins absolutely butchering 90% of the field's names, I'm convinced the on air crew was passing around a bottle of Patron during the race...

Big Floppy Hat? = Bat shit crazy. Chicks a nut job. Nuff said.

Agree 400% on the Will situation. I've never felt more sorry for a pole-sitter/podium finisher. He had the disposition of Eyore all weekend. Poor bastard.

Damn straight Dixon was rage free. He was a one man wrecking crew the entire race. Any anger on his part would be deeply misguided.

No mention of the looming and plasticly creepy Gene Simmons walking behind Danica during Arute's foreplay.. er.. "interview" (seriously, he lunged at her so aggressively it caused her to laugh out loud nervously!)


Re the shoutout to Sam Hornish - Sam finished 9th out of 43, Danica finished 4th out of 23, which to my mind puts them pretty even in their respective fields. Danica gets the big fanfare for her finish, but Sam shouldn't? Sorry-even if it is the N-word, he did a heck of a job.

Did anyone else notice the look on Will Power's face after the race, before his post-race interview started? I felt so badly for him. He's saying all the right things, and probably for the most part is feeling that way too, but boy, I think he was hurting way deep down at that moment.


I feel for Will, but he knew the deal going into it (that he'd get booted if Helio beat the rap, as Paul Tracy says). Unfortunately, the fact of life in big-league racing is you can be Michael Schumacher Jr. and with out a sponsor you're driving squat.

The American Mutt

Sad but true Pressdog. I haven't made up my mind on Will being without a ride yet. On the one hand the mans on fire on the left and right turning tracks, but until i see how he does on an oval, in a penske car, for the whole duration of a race, I'm reserving judgment on whether or not i feel either merely bad, or outright terrible. The easy way for me to solve this would be Roger doing the sensible thing and putting him in a car at Kansas, not waiting a whole month to see how he does in the 500.

John S

What is the deal with the push to pass? I am not so sure that they do have push to pass. PDog: Get to the bottom of this. STAT.


Jack Arute is a tool. And I knew LONG before the season that Bob Jenkins is wooden and befuddled, NOT an ardent race fan or student of the sport, and I wondered WHY he was hired to bring-down the booth...


Did anyone else notice when Jack Arute was interviewing Helio at the beginning up on the platform, that all the other drivers that walked past ignored them, except Mr. Viso, who stopped, flapped his gums like he was talking (making fun of Helio), and then kept going? OK, pretty immature and insensitive considering the emotional experience Helio has been through (wait - isn't everything an "emotional experience" for Helio?) but man, it made me laugh my ass off.


Totally missed it, Speedy. I need to go back to the DVR for that one.

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