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April 05, 2009


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Filip Cleeren

"KERS on the Rosberg car"

Doesn't have KERS my friend.


Thanks. I choked on the reading of the notes. You are correct and I have corrected. Thanks for commenting.


P-Dog: Good notes... here are my quick .02

I feel for Lewis... when someone from the team that pays you huge $$$ tells ya "ABC"... you repeat "ABC". (bosses know best?) Tough deal to be in the middle of... Lewis driving brilliantly with obvious sub-par McLaren package.

The Posey narrated video montage blending F1 with Fast & Furious was TOTAL $**T !!! Yeah, when I think F1, always follows with movies that showcase ILLEGAL street racing & corny dialogue

Cheese-ball movie tie in... mixed in with the F1 images just a slight step up from the regular FOX pandering for "new" viewing demographic? Get the 5 & 6 year olds with Digger the Gopher & target the underage & un-licensed teens with the Vin Diesel movie??? What the DewTour said no, so pitch to SPEED? UGH!

Kubica Karma: IMO, he escaped his 10 place grid penalty, after his EQUAL role in the Aussie GP dust up with Vettel. However the racing Gods (that do not like Bernie...) SMILED & made things right. Kubica STALLS on grid & then his KERS blows up. I can go back to being neutral on my opinion of the BMW driver! :) :)

TOYOTA finally getting their money's worth!!! Nico jumps out to a nice lead. Both Panasonic Toyotas do well... Glock on podium. I would just LOVE to see Nico give Toyota its 1st GP win!!! Then Trulli make the factory team happy.

Hoping the Brawn GP success will turn the BGP001's White/ RED/ & Black. Virgin branding increases & the team can up their R&D budget to keep winning (when the competition gets their updates in place for the Euro rounds of the WDC.

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