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April 06, 2009


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I gotta say, for not expecting much, it was a good show all around. Let's hope that sets the tone for the rest of the season.

The Speedgeek

Good race all around. Decent on-track action and a much better-than-competent job from the Versus crew. They could take some notes from Steve Matchett's timing & scoring watching (which would expose stuff like Wilson's 1+ second per lap advantage around pitstops), but for a first time out, those guys did a great job. Chops busting, good technical and strategery knowledge, light on the cliches/catchphrases (funny how nobody became "just a passenger" this weekend). That's the stuff I'm looking for. Keep it coming.

Oh, and nice job by you, 'Dog. Keep it up.


Agreed on all your VERSUS points, Geek. F1 is the standard when it comes to relating strategy quickly to viewers. I also liked the chemistry in the booth and AMEN on the lack of "lock step" and "holding station" and "passenger" stuff. Arute's new role may be great for him, as long as VS goes to him in moderation. For their first time out, I thought VERSUS hit a solid double off the wall.

The American Mutt

You forgot to mention that we didn't ONCE hear road course specialist. Thank god.


Here's hoping the theoretically classic Long Beach circuit lives up to what has now become one of the historically-best open-wheel street races in America, St. Petersburg.


Ah, it feels like racing season again. Pdog throwing down mad notes and circus clowns and a few brews of the race. Nice to finally catch up with the posting mayhem here!

Beware Flirty Curty - he'll be hitting you up for free lodging next thing you know. He already knows where the free food is.

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