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May 04, 2009


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You've done it again - bested yourself! Varsha-Hobbs-Matchett are the only reason I've continued to watch F1 over the past few years. Great interview!

Boo Boo

Pretty darn good interview there, Mr. Dog.


Thanks. Props to Bob for his thoughtful answers for a humble blogger boy. I never miss an F1 race in part because the booth posse rocks it for the customers (fans).

Roy Hobbson

Is there anybody who you AREN'T tight with in the world of racing??? Like, can you call Willy Ribbs on his cell phone right now? What about Dave Calabro? Al Unser? The Firestone Firehawk mascot? This is outlandish.


Ribbs won't take my calls ever since the unpleasantness in Tijuana. And the Firehawk, besides owing me money, can seriously hold his liquor. His only weakness is cheap gin. After half a bottle he flops around like a carp out of water. Great fun.


Another one...out of the park! Thanks, p'dog!

David E David

While Matchett is a logical, reasonable, knowledgeable, and fair motorsports commentator, Bob Varsha is a nasty, aggressive, highly prejudicial commentator without much technical expertise who is really a sloppy and emotional lawyer trying to convince viewers to accept his superiority as well as his own atitudes and opinions. Anyone who has ever seen him can instantly identify the team he loves unconditionally: Ferrari. Motorsports coverage would be much better without him!

Daryl Stoner

Truly the best commentators in the world. All three are exceptional in their respective roles. David gave a guided tour at the one F1 race at Watkins Glen years ago (to the Goodyear Motorsports Club) and the impression then was precisely what we witness now.
I have a major concern currently regarding F1 popularity expansion in the U.S. - the blocking of program recording is a major pitfall due to the hours of broadcasting practice, Inside Gp, Debrief, qualy, and race. We die-hard fans do everything we can to not miss any of it which means trying to find motels with Speed, recording, etc. Somewhere around the middle of June, '09 we can no longer record onto our DVD recorders. Plenty of my friends have been very irate when talking to me about it. I share this and have no need to watch Speed (and its advertisers) if I cannot record F1 or other forms of road racing. I could not care less about bumper car racing.
Please help us to enjoy the best entertainment the world has to offer.


I like the broadcasts, but wish we were losing Matchett instead of Windsor. Matchett could talk much less, and it would suit me.

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