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May 27, 2009


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Good God I hope Robin is right.


If you look at Robin Miller's story on, it has changed considerably from this morning (The story even references TG's Wednesday afternoon press conference, but still claims to be written and posted at 10:06AM on Wednesday). The story probalby has some truth to it, but there is considerable back-pedaling going on by RM. Did Robin lay and egg?


Very interesting, gfernandez. Time will tell for sure if Robin blew the call or what.


I'm thinking maybe Robin didn't blow the call - maybe Tony George et al didn't anticipate a mole? Or, Robin blew the call.


Maybe Tony et al weren't expecting a mole? Or, conversely, Robin blew the call. Guess we'll find out eventually.


Sorry for the double post - the first one didn't show as being posted.

Hal Raimey

Folks can choose to believe it or not, but Robin is correct. Tony is now only in charge of the IRL. IMS is very concerned about their business, and it just an IRL problem The Speedway board is immensely concerned with the lack of ticket sales for the Aug event. It seems there was some sort of competition problem with last year's race. Together with the economic crisis, the Speedway is facing a serious challenge in selling tickets, corp hospitality and sponsorships.

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