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May 05, 2009


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My Name Is IRL

Wow. You got her to say "bunnies and rainbows". Not many mountains left for you to climb, are there?


I actually think Danica and I would get along fine. (Seriously.) Sure, maybe we'd throw towels and f-bombs at each other, TEEJ and I would exchange glares, but, in the end, we'd all respect each other as competitors, and have beer together, during which I make sure everyone could see my Sarah Fisher t-shirt and Danica would polish her mini Motegi trophy.

Roy Hobbson

So help me God, if you get Grandpa Foyt to reference "FRUITY SOMBITCH," I'm hanging 'em up and calling it a career.

(And by "if," I mean "when.")


Does having him call ME a "FRUITY SOMBITCH" count?


Bunnies turn rabid, and rainbows fade in minutes.............

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