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June 02, 2009


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Excellent. Thanks for posting. I moved your link above up into the post. It shows that Dan Patrick is pretty much a clown, which is fine, one clown to another, but it gives major cred to Danica's story that she was just playing along. I think this is much ado about very little.


I have to disagree this time. I think she is stupid enough to say PEDs are okay, and it's not cheating if you don't get caught. That old racing saying is for equipment, not for drugs. Let's face it, like or dislike her, she's not the brightest crayon in the box. Being PC isn't the point, drug use is. If she'd stopped after the first comment, she could have gotten away with her "apologies" now. But she didn't stop. Some "role model". Between this and the skanky ads, B&RD is slipping into Sparklepony, although a Happy Sparklepony.


It's a combo -- Happy Sparklepony. Wait ... Danica endorsing drug use ... maybe THAT'S what's behind the Happy Danica. KIDDING. I'm kidding here. I in no way endorse the use of drugs, aside from alcohol, and then only responsibly. I do not now, nor have I ever, believed Danica Patrick is a drug user, aside from the occasional martini. (Alcohol, technically, is a drug.)


I don't think she does drugs, or even alcohol, either, and wasn't trying to infer that at all. I just don't buy her "apologies". She's learning to think very well on the track. She's got to start thinking as well off the track. Some stuff you can kid about and get away with it, even with stupid interviewers. Unfortunately, this subject isn't one of them. She's been doing really well with interviews lately, too, and I'm sorry to see her set herself back with this one.


I agree that she had a brain shutdown on this interview. Danica should be open to criticism for horrid judgment here. But after listening to it I don't believe she seriously endorsed performance-enhancing drug use. Seems like she was caught up in the Dan Patrick vibe and kind of going with it. So the apology for a bad joke is very buyable to me. If someone like Curt Cavin or some dude from the New York Times asked her and she said PED are OK, that would be different, at least in my opinion.


What I don't get is people complain about drivers being to pc, but when Danica isn't, people complain about that too. One reason racing isn't near as exciting anymore is you cannot say anything funny\edjy and get away with it


If what Danica said was even remotely funny, perhaps it could all be written off as a joke. But in light of the current situation in NASCAR with Mayfield, she should have had enough sensibility to avoid the topic. It isn't about PC, it is about some common sense concerning a controversial subject.

She could have turned the question around to get a plug for her sponsor and talk about "enhancements" and suggest some enhancements (like drugs) don't belong on the track.


A simple "I'm not gonna go there Dan" with a coy chuckle would have been the appropriate response.

She should leave the joke telling to the shock jocks and late night tv hosts.

Apparently her new handlers haven't gotten to the chapter on "avoiding obvious hot button issue traps during interviews"...
they're all too busy baking cookies I guess...

*smiles coyly and bats eyelashes*


Sam Prest

Apparently The Onion predicted this - take a look at the photo in the article!


So BALCO had the Cream, the Clear, & the Mario-Maker??? Instant Andretti level racecar driver in a needle??? PLEASE!!!

The only "performance enhancer" in the ICS is an oversized Honda (which Honda would not stand for...) or some trick aero piece that slipped by tech inspection. P-Dog has covered this... this story is a huge "non-story". To bad someone can't provide a Jedi-MindTrick for this crap... "Move along... there is no story here..."

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