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June 09, 2009


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The Speedgeek

Sounds reasonable, but it'd have been nice to know this at any time during the last 70 laps of the race. Or, even in the ensuing two days after the race weekend was over. Also, is there any particular reason that the clean up of "tire marbles, carbon shards, and a piece of a brake rotor" should take nine laps? Or to put it another way, one lap longer than the clean up of three completely wrecked cars from lap 2 to lap 9?

Leigh O'Gorman

I saw that on the Indy site (admittedly after I spewed about it online - ooops), but the question remains; why onearth did it take nine whole laps?!

Shane Rogers

It took nine laps because they took the opportunity to sweep the track for Marbles in the hope that more side by side racing would eventuate. I have no problem with that.

More importantly: Does this mean I get to keep the consolation Vegemite now?


Okay. Maybe. But is it possible that you might find that type of small debris and/or marbles at any point in a race?

So you could still basically call a yellow (with some small reason) at any time during a race?

Kind of like holding in football?


I would say it's highly likely.


"You have to trust the call," said Castroneves, who WON the race, fame and fortune.
As Redd asked, "is it possible that you might find that type of small debris and/or marbles at any point in a race?"
Was it on the racing line? Doubtful! And this notion that drivers, whose eyes are so much lower, couldn't see a bolt or part of a brake rotor or rubber 'marbles' is folly UNLESS the trash is way off the racing line and thus posing no hazard.
I understand that Barnhart -and spectators- wanted to see close, side-by-side racing as in previous years. 'So let's sweep the track REALLY well for several laps in hope that drivers might dare to drive further up the track in the remaining laps.

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