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June 28, 2009


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good things: D&R drivers get airtime, Rahal finishes well, um...

okay--bad things: that manboob commercial is disgusting and worse, not funny. and it's getting real difficult convincing friends that this type of racing has any merit.


Come on! Creepy stalker-types with man boobs are a JOY to watch 30 seconds at a time!!! :) :) :)


Does Conway get Target & McDonalds gift cards for timing his crash impeccably?


"Jack interviews a pit stop sign." LOL. Now that pretty much sums up the entire race! The best part was watching Viso finally finish a race this season.

Ronnie Larsen

RACER are giving a good kicking now, too...
I love your commentaries, and I agree the Versus people are... well, they're just weird. But to be fair, look at the crap they're having to work with at the moment...

Andy Banfield

Have to agree with Jenna. When the most exciting thing is to see if E.J. stuffs it in the face of triskadekaphobiacs everywhere, it's time for something to be done. I can only say "At least we still have Open Wheel Racing here in the U.S. so many more times."

John S

"Oh no, it's one of those black-and-white Arute interrogating someone packages" You failed to mention that this was titled: TK in color.

P-Dog: I have a very very busy day planned. I just dont have time to think WWDT 43 times! Can I get a waiver and do it only 7 times? Thanks


No passing on the track, fuel knobs in the cars, weepers on the track (as in Helio) and now the man boobs. My God, will it never end?

Best thing to come out of this funeral procession has to be the pressdog recap. The worst (in IndyCar) seems to bring out the best (in pressdog). Great humor (much coffee spewed) and insight on a miserable season.

Onto the street/road courses. Gimme a break.

Roy Hobbson

My "jamming" techniques did in fact fail, and as a consequence, I failed you all. I pray that your resultant blindness & strokes were only minimally burdensome. My sincerest apologies.


"The fans who are still there continue to look for the Hearst at the end of this processional."

'Dog, would they be looking for William Randolph or Patty?

(I think you meant hearse. C'mon, I gotta keep you honest! :^P )

My Name Is IRL

Everyone is now going 148 mph. Seriously. It says so on my timing and scoring. I wish I was making it up. That's about 10 mph slower than the best times of the night so far. 148. I think my 2001 Flamin' Ford Focus could go 148. Davey Hamilton eyes the Two Seater and considers getting into this race.

Did you think this was "racing". No silly, it's the SunTrust Indy 300 Miles of Fuel Conservation contest. Clearly they changed the focus (no pun intended) of the series once they started courting ethanol sponsorships.

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