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June 07, 2009


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LOL... it appears our heads exploded at the same point in this race. Major Bullshits being spewed at my computer screen last night. In fact I was so disgusted by the race left all my post race writing till this morning once my eyes rolled back into a normal position from the top of my head.


I felt the same way when the phantom yellow came out. I call it a conspiracy too! I know the league likes a "Cinderella story" but I'd rather see the best car win. I really felt like Briscoe got screwed. He's been an excellent teammate to Helio and it's about time he reaped the benefits. As for Marco, all he does is whine all season long!


I'm thinking a Lone Star or a Shiner might have been a more appropriate beer? Or several beers considering the very frustrating show last night.

why can't they provide a suitable formation for starting a race? pathetic.

I still haven't seen any debris from that yellow. Interesting how they didn't even attempt to justify it on Versus. Even professional wrestlers would call that bullshit.

Loved Dixon's analysis of league at this point, and he's absolutely correct.

mario sells wine. marco just whines.

I miss the clown stamp. Surely the phantom yellow deserved one?

The Speedgeek

That was...awful. Phantom yellow or not (and I'm on the "phantom yellow" side of that fence), that was, as you'd say, a terrible batch of the product. I'm actually completely cool with somebody walking off and leaving everybody in the dust. Sometimes it's actually sort of fun to see if somebody can lap the field. On the other hand, cars running at near-constant gaps, limited passing, the same four cars running up front for 200 out of the 228 laps, race deciding passes for the lead coming in the pits, and due to pit box's all the stuff that nobody wants to pay to see. +1 to Dixon for calling that out, but it'd be a +10 if it'd come after a race that he won.

This feels really weird to say, but given that I'm still pondering buying a ticket to Iowa (either through eBay, the track itself, or one of the "online retailers"), I'm feeling very conflicted about going now. Not real interested in spending my day doing a 6 hour round trip and spending upwards of $150 on a ticket, gas, and food, if my reward is going to be 2009's fourth consecutive "street oval".

Oh, nice write up, by the way.


i'm a big supporter of the irl, but i'll say three things I never thought I'd say:

1. nascar's race at pocono will be much more competitive and entertaining than IRL at Texas.

2. as kind of an ovals guy, I actually am ready for the IRL to get to a twisty, just to see if we can get some competition.

3. I understand the Iowa track is very nice and everything, and I'm sure hoping for a good race, but at this point, I think I'd save my money.

oh, and Pressdog, always enjoy your version of the "action."


Good call on the clown stamp for the phantom yellow,redd. I added it in.

Shane Rogers

Damn. I was looking forward to the Vegemite too.

Maybe that t-shirt should say, "It's a festival of invisible debris". Very easy to make the conspiracy theories go away, just film the debris.



Long time reader first time commenter.

I was in the stands last night at Texas and when the "debris" yellow came out I was listening to Marco's scanner (lots of f-bombs about Danica and Helio's restart BTW). I swear when the yellow came out Marco said, "So Briscoe is done right?" and his engineer said, "yes he touched the wall in turn 4". I don't know what happened after that, it was never mentioned again on anyone's radio.

Just thought I would "enhance your viewing" a little. Love the site

Andy Banfield

Great story! It was much more enjoyable than the actual race. Gotta get the Handford Device back in on the ovals. Oh wait, the evil empire came up with that one, can't do that, right?


Pocono was alwful, and so was texas. A 10 second lead is no fun, and neither is a fake yellow


I expect Robin Miller will at least publicly call bs on the yellow. Speed Report is on right now, so I'm eagerly awaiting the call by RM...

Seems like the Hanford would serve the purpose well, but as with most things CART/CCWS, the ICS hierarchy will simply keep their fingers in their ears about the benefits.


If I had to choose between someone winning by a lap and a fake yellow, I'd take someone winning by a lap every time without hesitation. At least it's honest. The fake yellow is like the ref calling some phantom fouls in a sporting event just to "make it more interesting." No excuse.

ed d

2:32 to 2:36 after Buhl says "yellow" on lap 150 on the left as the cars go by there is a Delphi safety team truck that backs up next to the wall and someone comes out of the passenger side and picks something up off the track and gets back into the passenger side. Whatever it "was" it wasn't big enough to be seen from that camera shot.


I was wrong. After watching Pocono today, I'd have to say even the boring IRL race at Texas was better than that.

Happy Stewart won though.


What a GREAT race. What a breath of fresh air! OK, so the fix was in and the debris didn’t exist but it’s Penske vs Ganassi so who cares. It wasn’t the fault of VERSUS!!!!!!! The Versus coverage was SUPERB. No more ABC fawning, gushing, hero-worshiping, ass-kissing, mind-numbing drivel. No more Danica, Danica, Danica, Danica, Danica, Danica, Danica, Danica, Danica, Penske car in the lead- Penske is a GOD … Danica, Danica, Danica, Danica, Danica, Danica, Danica, Danica, Danica,… Instead we had REAL race commentary. Danica was treated like any other driver. We saw all sorts of jockeying in the middle of the pack not just watching a Penske car driving around by itself. I loved it. I absolutely loved it!! Die ABC.....DIE you bastards. ABC will kill the IRL!

I'm not opionated though ......


Race? what race? When I wasn't watching the insides of my eyelids (thank you, big comfy recliner)I remember seeing a parade. Hopefully the IRL will get this no passing under green crap figured out and make a change before Chicagoland. Otherwise the first Indycar night race at that track will be my last.


Rob, you must have been watching the front of the pack where passing isn't allowed unless the IHJ allows it. In the MIDDLE of the pack there was all kinds of stuff happening.......... and Versus covered it!!!


The only issue I have with an otherwise outstanding effort by VERSUS is they could have helped us be OK with the phantom yellow by showing us the truck that was dispatched to pick "something" up. We see the pickup go out, it stops, someone hops out, they pick up something, simple. That alone would have enhanced viewing about 293% Saturday night. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to know viewers are going to be skeptical and serve them with the aforementioned shot.

Leigh O'Gorman

Maybe it's just me, but I enjoyed the race... up until lap 150, when the competition yellow made me really angry. I'm calling race fixing on this one.

The sad thing is is up until that point it'd been one of the races of the year so far for me.


Nice collection of pictures and congratulations to the winner who got the first position in the race. I really like the guns that Helio is holdingin the picture.

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