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June 27, 2009


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It watched like Formula 1 did two years ago, where you just pay attention to the field and wonder if anybody improved or not.


The race was so-ooo boring that VERSUS popped in a MID-RACE driver's wife interview to bookend the now traditional POST-RACE driver's wife interview!!!


Other than Moraes, was anyone even lapped on the track?

It seemed like everyone lost laps based on the pit stops and timing of the yellows.


a new low for indy car racing.


I was there last night. No one could pass, and you can tell when Mutoh was in the lead and couldn't get around Moraes. The only way anyone can pass was getting new tires and then those people would fly around everyone else.

But then Conway crashed and that ruined the race even more by only 3 cars getting on the lead lap.

It has to improve. Was listening to the radio last night, and Hamilton on the radio broadcast was "something has to be done now".


chunter has it right on. I was watching and thought "this is Formula One". The only way anyone could go anywhere was pitstops.

I don't how it can be improved. As far as all the cars and we need to allow differences and all that, yes we do. But all these standardizations of the cars were the team owners' ideas over the offseason that they all supported at the Las Vegas Awards show.

Unless we decrease the amount of money necessary a car, only a dozen cars or so right now could probably afford going to a brand new car unless everyone gets ride buyers and no one wants to see this become CART or ChampCar. If I were Tony, I'd call a meeting Friday morning at Watkins Glen with the owners/managers and drivers, lock the door, and no one leaves until a solution is ironed out.

Leigh O'Gorman

I don't know what else to say other than, that was awful...


Ask the engineers what they want and give them the opposite.

Ask the drivers what they want and give them exactly that.

And rip out the dreaded fuel knobs.

Or perhaps have Lazier go clockwise.


Indycar oval racing is so bad this year that I'm enjoying the road & street courses. At least the Indy Lights are putting on good shows.

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