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June 28, 2009


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This line says it all:

"But if Chevrolet could beat its rivals, particularly Ford, to signing Patrick, that would be a major marketing coup…regardless of how well she might actually do out on the track."

Who cares if she stinks up the joint! Look at how much money we'll make!


As we both know, Meesh, in N-word especially, it's allllllllll about the benjamins.


FYI, Mulhern's reputation is that of a shameless rumormonger.


Personally, I think she'll be off to the NHRA for John Force Racing....


I saw this in the morning and by early afternoon Jayski already had a denial up from Hendrick


At this point, I'm taking any "Danica to N-word" stuff with a basketball-sized grain of salt. I almost didn't post the link, but thought it was interesting. The good news at some point within the next few months Danica will have to make a decision. So at least the swirl won't go on forever.

The Speedgeek

Utter. Effing. Fabrication.

She's going nowhere. Well, unless you count going to Ganassi as going "somewhere".


The swirl will change to "why did Danica make the decision she did" with all its attendant dissection. And the beat will go on, and on, and on....


How 'bout this for just a random musing on my part:

-Danica goes to a 3rd Ganassi car.
-As part of the deal, she cherry-picks the NASCAR schedule when she's not doing Indycar racing.

That way she does 18 or so Indycar races a year, and maybe 10 or so NASCAR races.

Mike R

There seems to be a great number of actual quotes in that piece by the Roush PR guy. If this is rumor-mongering as suggested, I'm not sure how well the quotes support that accusation. Not sayin' it's not a rumor-monger thing, but it sounds like there are people actually working on this deal.

Personally I'm not a fan of DP, but it would be a pretty giant hit for IRL if she bolts to the other side. How she'll fare? Well, as has been pointed out repeatedly, I think she'd do well to look at how Dario's jump went, and ask his opinion of the idea of her going. Of course, if the only other option is that she'd be joining him as a teammate at CGR, he'd probably support her move to N-word all the way to the exit.

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