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July 01, 2009


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Absolutely right!


Didn't we do this once? My admittedly fuzzy recollection is that not too long ago they did this exact thing: Full and Yellow. Somewhere along the line it was changed back. Why did they go back to fuel mappings?


Apparently it all comes down to the bottom line. If the new guys can save money by getting rid of knobs, they'll be gone.


"Somewhere along the line it was changed back. Why did they go back to fuel mappings?"

The teams asked for them back I think.

Roy Hobbson

I couldn't agree more.

/googles "fuel knob"



Honda took the knobs out when they suspected teams were using them in some fashion to cheat. Can't recall the details, but something like with the switch to ethanol manipulating the knob machinery allegedly could deliver some illegal benefit. So they ripped them out until they could be sure there was no screwing around with it, and then put them back in.

Concerned Fan

What a load. You're stinkin' up the joint lately. Why don't you try to relax and enjoy the races, Dude.

Admit that you would not be able to tell whether the knob was being used or not. If nobody told you some driver was using a particular fuel setting, you'd just be sitting there stuffing your face with chips, none the wiser.

I suspect your explanation of the knob going away in '07 is also a big load. That just doesn't pass the smell test. More likely the switch to Ethanol was causing engine parts to melt when drivers leaned the mixture way out.

Roy Hobbson

@Concerned Fan: Pressdog is entirely too nice to properly smack you down a notch, but I'm not. Therefore, let me say this: until you go out produce your OWN blog full of your OWN opinions and your OWN content, you need to shut the fuck up and sit down. Or change your tone. One or the other.

Mike R

:applause for Roy: I was just thinkin' "what an obstreperous little shit this guy is"


Take it easy, boys. I don't stuff my face with chips. I sit and swill beer, so there.


Getting back to the fuel knobs....YES, RIP THOSE SUCKERS OUT!!!


"Out, out damned knobs I say.."

Lady MacBeth on fuel knobs. And I agree.


I'm a firm believer in removing the fuel knobs. It would take the race away from the engineer's laptop and back to the driver's right foot. Saving fuel isn't racing.

Also, pit allocation should be given by order they qualify, not points standing. I realize that probably wouldn't change things much (but it just might).

There is too much strategy and not enough racing.

Won't fix all that's wrong, but can't hurt.

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